Duties & Responsibilities for AI on the battlefield: Thoughts

There’s some thought out there on how AI can make armed groups more effective, but what problems will it help us solve? And what’s the right way to use it?

Chris Sauceda and I wrote a short piece on the Mad Scientist blog about how to think about AI on the battlefield. Some of the most successful commanders in history had an all-knowing chief of staff that made command and control possible in complex situations – and we recommend that the Army consider AI in this light.

Tyler Cowen’s thoughts on how to employ AI in direct competition are important going forward, and we address that briefly too.

Ian Kersey and Luke Shabro at Mad Scientist helped out a lot – their blog is probably the best spot to find original thinking on emerging tech in land forces contexts.

Published by Brady

I work at enabling businesses with Data. I’m also a former US Army Infantry and Special Force Officer with service as a leader, operations officer, planner and advisor across Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and South Asia. After leaving the Army in 2011 I earned my MBA at Penn State's Smeal College and worked as an IBM Cognitive Solutions Leader covering analytics and AI in national security. My interests include reading, the outdoors, running and food. I’m the Junior Vice Commander of VFW Post 2906 in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey and Cofounder of the Special Forces Association Chapter 58 in New York City.

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